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Regions Hospital In Minnesota To Test New Brain Injury Treatment

by | Aug 29, 2023 | Injuries


It’s not hard to find information on the deadly impact that traumatic brain injuries are having on Minnesota residents. From sports injuries to car accidents, concussions and other head trauma can wreak havoc on the injured and their families. Head injuries are the leading cause of death for people under the age of 40 in the U.S., most of which occur in motor vehicle accidents. The focus on TBIs in professional and youth sports has brought much-needed awareness on the dangers head injuries pose.

While medical research has discovered more about lingering effects of a TBI, treatment options can be limited. In Minnesota, home to some of the finest medical facilities in the world, one hospital is hoping that a drug treatment program may help those suffering from a TBI to recover more quickly and lessen initial brain damage.

Regions Hospital will institute a federally approved “tranexamic acid” treatment program in September. The drug is already used to treat injured U.S. soldiers on the battlefield, as the drug is a potent antifibrinolytic, a class of drug which prevents excessive bleeding. Regions is hoping that the drug will help people en route to the hospital who are bleeding internally and lessen the aftereffects of a TBI. Currently the only way to stop bleeding in the brain is through surgery. Paramedics can administer tranexamic acid while the patient is in the ambulance.

Regions Hospital treats approximately 200 patients with severe TBI every year. It is the only hospital in the state participating in the study, which is nationwide. The study will examine 60 Minnesota patients for over one year to measure results.

A TBI has lasting consequences

While certain treatments are showing promise, people who suffer a TBI still have many obstacles to overcome. One of the last things many people think about after suffering a TBI is a lawsuit.

However, because a TBI can require extensive personal therapy and expensive medication, often the best way to pay for care is through a lawsuit. A severe TBI can also dramatically lower a person’s earning potential and ability to work. In order to receive proper treatment and help family members through a difficult time, the law allows a person injured through no fault of their own a legal means to recovery.

Whether injured by a car accident, a slip-and-fall, or because of an assault or battery, there are civil remedies an injured victim in Minnesota can take in order to help with recovery. Injured victims should contact a skilled Minnesota personal injury attorney to discuss potential legal action and help with paying the expenses of recovery.