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Protecting Yourself After a Personal Injury in Minnesota

by | Oct 30, 2023 | Firm News

Experiencing a personal injury is not only traumatic but can also shift the course of one’s life. Whether it’s the aftermath of a car crash, an unfortunate slip, or any unforeseen event, your primary concern should always be recovery. However, while physical well-being is essential, the legal and financial implications in Minnesota and Wisconsin are also critical. Here’s a guide to ensure you’re well-protected after a personal injury:

  1. Prioritize Medical Care: Always prioritize your health. Even seemingly minor injuries can escalate if neglected. Securing medical documentation right after the incident can also strengthen your case.
  1. Capture the Incident: Collect as much evidence as possible, from photos to videos. This evidence solidifies your case, showing clear details of what transpired.
  1. File an Official Report: Whether it’s with the police after a car accident or the property owner after a fall, always have an official report. This serves as credible documentation.
  1. Secure Witness Details: Witnesses can be instrumental in reinforcing your case. Don’t forget to collect their contact details for future reference.
  1. Maintain Comprehensive Records: Keeping a detailed diary of your injuries, medical appointments, and their implications on your daily life can be beneficial. It paints a clearer picture for your attorney.
  1. Engage with Expert Attorneys: Turn to experts like Harper & Peterson P.L.L.C for informed guidance on Minnesota and Wisconsin laws. With our team’s extensive experience, we’re equipped to help you navigate your legal journey.
  1. Select the Right Representation: It’s crucial to find a lawyer with the right credentials. Board Certified Civil Trial Specialists, like Paul D. Peterson and William D. Harper, bring genuine trial experience essential for a successful resolution.
  1. Preserve All Evidence: From medical bills to photos, always keep evidence related to your case. Only dispose of these under your lawyer’s guidance.
  1. Tread Carefully with Insurance Companies: It’s best to let your attorney manage all communications with insurance firms. They aim to minimize payouts, but a lawyer ensures your rights remain uncompromised.
  1. Stay Updated with Legal Timelines: Minnesota and Wisconsin have specific deadlines for personal injury claims. It’s essential to be aware and act promptly. Consulting an experienced attorney ensures you don’t miss these crucial dates.


11. Engage in Thoughtful Settlement Negotiations: With your attorney’s guidance, work towards a just settlement. Always consult before accepting any offer.

In Conclusion,

Navigating a personal injury in Minnesota or Wisconsin may be daunting, but by taking the right legal steps, you can secure your rights. With Harper & Peterson P.L.L.C by your side, you can focus on healing while we ensure you receive the justice and compensation you deserve. Reach out to us today for a comprehensive consultation.